He makes the childless woman
abide in the household
as the happy mother of its children.

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Binary Execute Now Reissue cd
First ever Welks re-issue from our friends at Beautiful Music CDs. It's B.E.N. in all its digital glory and with the original and deeply incredible art.
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dbl EP
Newest selection of Psalms out on Friendship Tapes. Exploring the joy and terror of God's power ("The fear of the Lord is clean.") Blue tapes and double sided Psalm study page!!!
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Binary Execute Now
Always knew the Soviets would bring on nuclear holocaust and palindromes. From our comrades at Singapore Slings Tapes
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Take Me To Love 7"
Looks like we made it...
From them guys at Moon Machination
b/w I Do (I do I do)

Judgement EP
First release from Cheri's.
God's Word on judgment in 5 Psalms and a hymn.
email: cheriscdc@gmail.com to order

"Burlington, VT" Boxed Set

NNA's eight cassette boxed set including: Lawrence Welks & Our Bear To Cross, Greg Davis, Ryan Power, Toby Aronson, A Snake In The Garden, Chubby Wonder, tooth ache., and Cosmic Matrix.
Visit nnatapes.com to order
-out of print-

A Pause From Life's Pleasures -out of print-
B-Sides, Deep Cuts.

Annal Tapes: Vol 1
Even deeper cuts. Email lwandob2x@gmail.com to make an order.

Cam Cougar -out of print-
3rd album, Rock n Roll

Lawrence Welks is For the Ladies -out of print-

Bacchanalia -out of print-
Debut album. 'Nuff Said

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

New Art for Take Me To Love 7"

Coming soon on Moon Machination


now with new art!


A filthy version of late ’80s/early ’90s glamorous pop music mixed with an adult contemporary vibe...
-NNA Tapes

destroyed las vegas-style lounge act

-Mimaroglu Music Sales

one of the strangest tapes I've posted all year...odd and beautiful...powerfully emotional...delivered with such overwhelming conviction I can't help but fall in love...like The Darkness
jamming with Prince

-Guide Me Little Tape, 'Binary Execute Now' review

best live band in Burlington
-The Wedge

...recording passionately no matter what the fidelity...drunken-wedding-karaoke-captured-on-wedding-present-camcorder-and-used-as-blackmail vibes...
-Friendship Bracelet

...lo-fi, guitar-less “Born to Run”-era
Bruce Springsteen...a complete lack of self-consciousness...refreshing.
-Foxy Digitalis

...their second show was almost transcendent... so good. i was very drunk and high but it was amazing nonetheless...LW&OB2X has stripped beautiful pop music of all its refinement and has left it with only a rusty skeleton made of pure harmony and melody. only the harmony and melody have been marinating in grime since '87. and yes, "Catch Me On The Phone" is Billboard bound.
-A Snake in the Garden

Booze and volume help...Imagine being trapped in a roomful of mirrors that scream at you just for looking at them...Listeners will surely despair
-Seven Days 'Bacchanalia' Review

...enough cycnicism and adolescent "who-gives-a-shit" attitude to alienate or flat out terrify most from their sound...lo-fi at best...falsettos ripped from broken vocal cords and choked keyboards dying in a fire...If there was a consistent basement party scene in Burlington, Lawrence Welks would be dictator...
-The Deli

...sentiment disguised as sandpaper and heartache disguised as glamour...homemade whipped cream...forehead-vein-bursting pitches...yelped sexual commands...passion that does not lack calculation...
-Sudorific 'Cam Cougar' Review

Cam Cougar...is like suffering a compulsion to cut oneself...trite lyricism, melodramatic melody, a squirm-inducing level of feedback and distortion. In truth, you could run almost any schmaltzy pop artist — Celine Dion, say — through blown speakers and achieve similar results...vile...
-Seven Days 'Cam Cougar' Review

[Andre] doesn't play sax... He ejaculates
-Jonny's Hot Mom

more like phil collins stuffed up a musty twat, fermenting for a few months then shat back out through a fuzz pedal